Track your shipment

You can review the information that is associated with the status of a shipment, such as Scheduled and actual shipment date and time, Scheduled and actual delivery date and time, Mode, Carrier, Total billable freight charges, Shipment tracking number.

Oman Gold Coast Security and Shipping allows you to track shipments to gather detailed information about a specific shipment while it is in transit. You can check on the status of a shipment and its routing information. When you track shipments, you have better control of the entire shipping process. Through the shipment tracking function, you can locate shipments according to the carrier that is transporting the shipment.

Tracking Intructions

Tracking credential provided are extremely case sensitive. This is t ensure that your access is secure and that no one else can tamper with your account.

  1. Please enter the tracking number as provided by your shipper or agent.
  2. Click on the search and wait for the tracking page to open.
  3. Enter provided password
  4. Click on the “Protected (Tracking Number)”. Where applicable
  5. Tracking page will open after that.
  6. Thank you.

Enter Tracking Number here

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